Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Adventures in Needle Felting

I need to smooth out the needle marks on this little teddy bear. I just finished making him. Originally he was going to be dark brown but I was afraid that his eyes would not show up on that color. Instead of scrapping it and starting over I decided to cover it with a lighter shade. I like the way that turned out because it makes it look more aged, well loved and played with. As with most of my needle felt projects it was made with a particular recipient in mind. It will be mailed later this week. Here are a couple of photos to show scale. In one he is being held by the Mod Barbie that my mom surprised me with to use as a model for my 1:6 scale projects. In the other he is sitting in a 1:12 scale chair from a House Of Miniature kit that I put together and painted. I know that the little girl this is going to live with has both a dollhouse and Barbies. I hope she likes him and plays with him.

needle felted teddy with Barbie

Needle felted teddy on 1 inch scale chair

Monday, June 27, 2016

DIY Painted canvas sneakers

I read several different tutorials linked on pinterest on painting canvas sneakers. You simply take fabric medium and mix it with any acrylic paint. The medium prevents the paint from cracking when you are wearing the shoes. Or you can use fabric paint. There are no craft stores near me and I could not find any color I liked in fabric paints locally. Nor could I find any fabric medium. I was going to order some fabric medium online from Dick Blick but ran across some Multi-Surface acrylic craft paint at Walmart in many beautiful colors, all around .86 cents per bottle. The paint went on beautifully with just one coat. I have worn each of these pairs several times and am happy to report that they all look the same as they did the day I painted them. No cracking! Yay for saving money! These are the 3 pairs I painted....

 photo blue shoes_zpskedumuj8.jpg

 photo shoes_zpsdqbzlowj.jpg

 photo painted shoes_zpsnlpzprqg.jpg

Monday, April 18, 2016

Snails coming soon

We seem to have skipped Spring and jumped straight into Summer here in the forest of ColtPixy. The temperature is way above normal for this neck of the woods. That means a lot of working outside but it does not mean more snails are not on the horizon. Along with a few other projects.

snail shell image

Thursday, March 17, 2016


I am currently in the process of completely rearranging my little studio so that I can have not only better lighting but also better storage space for my supplies. Hoping to have it all completed by the end of the weekend. So for now, throw back Thursday...

This is Ophidia, a stained glass mosaic lamp I made and attached to an antique base in 2005.


Ophidia lamp

Ophidia lamp lit