Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cozy Scarves

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These flannel scarves were very easy to make following Amy Butler's pattern for Cozy Scarf.


  1. Thank you!
    I am still trying to find some orange flannel to make one for my sister. It is her favorite color. I may have to order some online.

  2. I have a question for you..I have made 3 of these scarves and agree that they are easy, but have not been able to machine stitch the ends because of the ball fringe. Having to hand stitch it ads a lot of time to what should be a very quick project. Were you able to use your machine on the ends with the ball fringe?

  3. Yes I sewed the ends with the sewing machine. I put the sewing edge of the ball fringe all the way up to the edge of the fabric when I sewed it on. Then after I pinned it wrong side out but Before I started sewing the end, with it all pinned wrong side out, I gently shook it while holding the end up to try to make sure all of the balls were out of the way. Hope that makes sense and helps you out. If not let me know and I will take a photograph and post it for you.

    The long straight fringe in the pink one were more of a bugger than the ball fringe. I had to tape the fringe down to the fabric to keep it from sliding into the seam allowance and getting sewn in the wrong way. If you do that make sure to use something like masking tape so not to unravel the fringe when removing.

  4. You're welcome! If you look to the left under "Links" there is a link to Creative-Living. It is a small forum I own. There are lots of tutorials and cool stuff posted there and more people to help out if you are interested.


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