Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pot Holder and Tea Towel

4sukigirl, originally uploaded by coltpixy.

This is for sukigirl, a new pot holder and matching tea towel. I love this flowered fabric. It reminds me of a flower child hippy girl. We did an applique along at Creative Living and I designed this owl for her then.
I figured out what I did wrong on the other pot holder. I am making them with two layers of insul bright insullated batting sandwiching one layer of cotton batting. Great to keep you from getting burned through the pot holder when using. However it is too many thick layers to sew through.
I learned to trim away ½" off the excess layers of batting leaving only one before adding the bias tape. This is easily done using duck bill applique scissors. It is much easier (for me) to trim away the excess than to cut it smaller. For someone else it might be easier to just cut the insul bright ½" smaller than the fabric and cotton batting.


  1. You really out did yourself, they are beautiful. Where did you ever get that beautiful flower fabric?
    It sets off the blue in the owl perfectly.
    And why am I being so spoiled may I ask?
    Thank you so much, I love them!

  2. I was afraid to put the owl on a print but like how it turned out. I had bought the fabric for the trim at Walmart a while back, the one with the big flowers I got at the local fabric store. Was pleasantly surprised to see how good they went together.
    I owed you the pot holder. I am making tea towels for myself and my sisters. Thought it would be cool for you to have a matching set too.


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