Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yin Yang On Mushroom

Yin Yang On Mushroom, originally uploaded by coltpixy.

I upgraded to a pro Flickr account today and moved a few of my old photos there. This is a concrete mushroom I made almost 6 years ago. I took the shot with a large tom cat sitting on it for size reference.

It is concrete and has white vitreous glass tiles and heart shaped glass globs in the top. To make it I cut strips of contact paper so it would lay flat inside a large plastic bowl. Then I placed the glass tiles and glass upside down on the sticky side of the contact paper. I used 4 heart shaped glass blobs for each red spot on the mushroom cap surrounded by the glass tiles that had each of their corners nipped.
I used a cardboard tube to form a concrete nipple under the mushroom cap. To make the mushroom stem, which is a separate piece, I hand formed concrete onto a cardboard tube. There is lathing wire inside the concrete of both pieces for strength.
After curing I soaked both pieces in a plastic trash can filled with water for about a week. Then I was able to remove the cardboard from both pieces. The nipple underneath the mushroom cap fits inside the hole in the center of the mushroom stem. It is sturdy and perfectly balanced. Our grandchildren use it as a chair.

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