Thursday, June 11, 2009

faux jade experiment

faux jade experiment
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I have always preferred mixing my own colors with polymer clay. Today I experimented with faux jade. In person it looks great. There are variations in color and tone just like with the real stone.
Jade symbolizes immortality and the Ouroborous symbolizes eternal renewal. It seemed fitting that this was the first thing I should make with this clay.


  1. That is very lovely, love the color and the Ouroborous...

  2. For heaven's sake -- I knew the word, but never knew how to spell it!! Yay!! thank you, And it's a beauty! Inspired symbolism.


  3. Wow...what a great idea and beautiful too!

  4. The design is ancient. The Ouroboros symbol dates back to Hongshan culture 4700 BC. You cannot see in this photo but mine has the texture of a snake. I used your signature stamp tutorial and made a texture stamp just for this bracelet.

  5. You made a wonderful Ouroboros!

    I love how often this symbol appears in different cultures and their mythologies.
    When I saw yours, I first thought of Poseidon with his tail encircling the seas.
    My son would probably have thought of the video game Final Fantasy where it also shows up. LOL!

  6. Exactly sukigirl! The oldest found by archeologists dates back to Hongshan culture 4700 BC. It appeared throughout history many times hundreds or thousands of years apart in many locations.
    In Norse mythology, it's name is Jormungand.
    In ancient Rome it's name was Aeternitas.
    There are many names for it and it appeared on many continents. I love history and mythology.

  7. Very pretty. I like the simplicity of the design.


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