Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's!

red mica shift heart

I will tell you a secret, I love to cook. Each and every holiday is pretty much an excuse to prepare a feast. That is tradition in my family. This year Valentine's and Chinese New Year both being the same day is turning into a really huge feast and my family is not even Chinese.

Reading recipes and some of the traditional Chinese superstitions about the foods that must be prepared and stories around them has made me miss my grandparents on my mom's side so much. They were not Asian but they were superstitious backwoods Tennesseans. There are really a lot more similarities than one would think.


  1. I don't care about my own cooking that much, so I'll drop by on Valentine's :-P

    That heart is lovely!

  2. That's something we have discovered also. We've got the red envelopes all ready and hope to get some moon cakes too


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