Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baking Soda Experiment

white mica shift
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I bake translucent and white clays buried under corn starch to prevent them from discoloring. A few days ago Carolyn of
replied to a blog post saying that she tried Donna Kato's idea to bake clay buried under baking soda. I just had to try this out.

My results: Just like corn starch, baking soda prevents the clay from discoloring while baking. However, baking soda is finer and because it is more water soluble it is much easier to wash off completely.

I love it! From now on I will bake my translucent and white clays under baking soda. Thank you so much Carolyn!


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for doing the experiment.. must put baking soda on my shopping list!

  2. Fabulous!!! I am so glad that it worked for you so much better.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing and your bead is beautiful! -Marlene

  4. Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing- I'll have to try this one myself :-)

  5. Thank you everyone! I hope you try it out.

    Marlene, thanks so much! I have always loved doing mica shift.

  6. This is good to know. I will try it. Love the bead!

  7. You're welcome Star! It is funny though how I had read about it and took a long time before I finally tried it -- Even had 2 boxes of baking soda sitting on my table for several months! I thought maybe I read it wrong and had to go back and read it again before I tried it! lol!

    By the way, remember to cover the dish with foil if you have a fan in your oven or you may have baking soda everywhere! lol

  8. Whooo Huuu!
    I love it when I learn something new like that! Little tidbits that we all share are like little flowers that come and bloom from a friend's garden to ours!
    I also like being on the other end, when someone I share a concept with says, whoooaa I never thought of me they are equally gratifying!
    Course for me it's a love of fabric, for you its a love of beading :)

  9. Thanks for sharing that. I have had problems with corn flour not coming off so had given up on using it even though I know so many others swear by it. I shall give baking soada ago.

    I just found you through flickr - I love your mica shift work it has amazing depth.

  10. Thank you surfingcat! Mica shift is my favorite technique.
    You really should try the baking soda. I would scrub corn starch off of pieces with an old tooth brush under running water. Even when it looked like it was all gone I could see tiny white spots on the piece in a photograph and go scrub it again.

    Baking soda just washes off. No more brushing and no more white spots. I love it!

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