Sunday, September 19, 2010

Miniature Mask from the beginning

For masks I start with wire mesh armature. Ignore the doll armature holding it she is for a different project I am about to start.

Then I mix my clay color and apply it to the wire mesh making sure there are no air bubbles trapped inside. To achieve the shade of gold that I wanted I mixed gold and silver Kato clays. I really like the resulting color.

Once the mesh is completely covered then the fun starts. Here it is ready to go in the oven to cure.

After curing I put on a couple of coats of a polymer clay safe polycrylic finish.

mini gold mask with quarter

mini gold mask


  1. It's an absolutely beautiful mask! Love seeing your creative process, too.

  2. I love this mask! And thank you for sharing your process with us.

  3. I love your mask! It is so nicely done -- nice to see how it came to be!

  4. I don't work with clay so it is great to see the steps that led up to this wonderful mask!


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