Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

I am looking forward to beginning a new year. I've never made resolutions. In my 20's I started each year with a list of new ideas and techniques I wanted to learn. New things to experience. It is more fun than trying to give something up. I never understood that particular ritual because most of the people I know who make resolutions end up beating themselves up for not keeping them.

For 2011 I am finally going to do all of the things I have been dreaming about for months. Some of these things I have been studying for a year and an finally taking the plunge into doing them. All of my goals are artistic endeavors and I ordered supplies and tools for them last week. Regardless of my successes or failures I will show you what I am up to as I go along. Who knows maybe you will want to join along on my journey.

teeny fairies

I hope the new year finds you healthy, happy and fills your days with laughter. I hope that magic touches us all.


  1. What a great idea, I would much prefer to learn new things then spend my time failing at resolutions! I have a few new things in mind myself..

  2. Better to start the year positive. I agree!
    Thank you for all you do!!!
    Your faeries are precious!!!


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