Sunday, August 22, 2010

Niki's makeover

Yesterday I showed you my 1:6 scale model, Niki wearing miniature chainmaille made by Haffina. I was able to successfully remove that huge honking glitter that Mattel so foolishly put on her lips.


Before shot...

Niki modeling chainmaille by HaffinaCreations

I have not done any repainting. I have not decided if I will or not now.
How I removed the glitter:
Tied the doll's hair up out of the way.
Removed a tiny bit of cotton from a cotton swab.
Wrapped the cotton around the tip of a toothpick creating a miniature swab.
Dipped the mini swab in acetone and used it to remove the glitter.
Washed her really well with baking soda and a little water to neutralize the acetone.
Rinsed well.

That is it. I stopped when the glitter was gone without removing her paint.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In Geoffrey of Monmouth., Arthur wields Caliburn when he defeats the Saxons at Bath, in single combat with Roman governor Frollo outside Paris, and in his battle with the Roman army commanded by Lucius. The sight of Caliburn spurred the troops onward and the enemy's armor gave them no protection from its power.

The Sword In The Stone

3½ inch tall sculpture representing my favorite story from the Medieval time period.
Built on a strong armature, the blade is made of Apoxy Sculpt. The hilt and stone are polymer clay. There are crystal Swarovski rhinestones in the hilt.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tiny hand woven polymer clay

I have been weaving polymer clay on a small scale. There is a miniature picnic basket listed in my shop. Weaving it on a teeny scale though was a little aggravating. That is until this week when it just seemed to click for me.

This is the bottom of a bread basket I weaved.

bottom of handwoven polymer clay basket

Next to a quarter for size comparison. It is lined with a red check 1:12 dollhouse scale fabric.

hand woven polymer clay bread basket