Friday, January 21, 2011

Pantone 2011 Colors

This is not a great photo but I wanted to show you one of the things I have been playing with.

honysuckle bunny butt

Recently 2GoodClaymates shared Kato recipes for 3 pantone color shades on her blog and showed some beautiful things she is making with them. I made this bunny butt pendant using the recipes from those 3 colors. Peapod, beeswax and honeysuckle.
Thanks 2GoodClaymates!


  1. Just when I thought there was nothing cuter than the original bunny butts you make something this adorable. I love it.

  2. so cute and perfect for Easter..

  3. That is absolutely precious! Love it!

  4. LOVE it! There's nothing cuter than a bunny butt!

  5. Ahh, Your bunny butt bead is sooo cute. Love the little flowers you did --

    So glad you liked the recipes etc.

  6. This is just too cute...You and Carolyn both rock!!!


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