Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finding beauty everywhere

These tiny flowers are nothing but weeds. At least that is what they are in my area. Most plants are weeds somewhere. They are a natural ground cover that comes up every Spring.


There are several kinds in various colors that come up but these are the only ones up so far. I remember when I was a very little girl I used to pick tiny "fairy bouquets". Back then One-A-Day vitamins came in little clear glass bottles. My grandmother used to give them to me to use as vases.


I uploaded a bunch of photos I took this evening of some of my flowers as well as these weeds to my flickr album.
Today I am finishing up a custom order but stay tuned because I am taking work in progress shots of a sculpture that I am working on. Will show them all once it is completed.


  1. Weed here, too, although it is not a common one, I've seen it once in this yard in the 17 years we've been here. I was cultivating it for a bit until I found out what it was lol It was pretty =)

    Got outside and did some yardwork last 3 days, the weather has been so nice and things are coming to life, it's so wonderful!

  2. Weeds or no, I think they are really pretty!

  3. I do too! I look forward to them every Spring.

  4. Oh, I remember those plants! <3 I always loved looking at them when I was little. Edwin Warner Park used to do a wonderful spring wildflower presentation and hike to identify weeds and flowers. Thanks for the introduction to spring! :)

  5. It's lovely to get a glimpse of spring, a promise of what is to come.
    Are they invasive plants...for some reason I tend to think of 'weeds' as plants that spread quickly and take over other plants.

  6. They could be if they lived in warmer weather. They tend to die back about the time it gets too hot for lettuce.


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