Friday, May 27, 2011

The masked visitor

my racoon, originally uploaded by coltpixy.

After a year and a half of being off of anxiety meds my doctor had to put me back on them this week with a strong warning to avoid stressful situations. I do not like taking them because they make me sleep and unable to function. Especially after being off of them for so long.

This guy lives in the woods behind my house and for the past couple of weeks has come up for a meal every evening. My husband took this video of him last night while I was passed out hoping it would make me smile when I woke up.


  1. I love their funny little faces, but also have big respect, but that's a different story ...
    Hope it did make you smile! :-D

  2. Adorable! Good to know his momma taught him to wash his hands before eating! LOL

  3. Made me smile =) I hope it did you, too. More than that I hope things get better (((((hugs)))))

  4. What a cute video...loved it! Hope you start feeling better! Sending you a hug!

  5. Your little masked visitor is just adorable, and I hope he made you smile. I really hope you start to feel better. I know you're going through a very hard time now. Just don't ever forget that you've got a lot of people here that care about you. (((HUGS))

  6. Thanks for the laugh. Reminded me of the baby racoons that stole all the cake out of our garbage after a party we had. Their belly's were so big they couldn't walk. They had frosting all over them and our back patio.

    Here's some more hugs to help you.
    (HUG HUG)


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