Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Handmade Magnetic Board

For a while I have been wanting something to hang notes, recipes, etc over my kitchen counter workspace. I made this last weekend using things I already had around the house so it cost nothing for me to make it.

handmade magnetic board

Several years ago I had bought a hanging wood curio cabinet on clearance. I removed the doors, sanded it, filled the holes where the doors were attached and painted it. It hangs above one of my aquariums and displays stones, sea shells, sand dollars, starfish and a hermit crab made by BewitchingDreams. I had saved the doors and glass thinking one day I might use them to create frames.

I filled the holes where the door hardware used to be. Sanded and painted the wood with primer then red paint and a coat of sealer. My kitchen is mostly red and white. Then I cut a piece of expanded wire mesh (you could do the same thing with chicken wire). I have this because I use it to reinforce concrete stepping stones and concrete sculptures. It is magnetic so I knew it would be perfect. I spray painted it with primer then after that dried, white spray paint. It is now hanging above my kitchenaid mixer using picture hanging hardware.


  1. I love the color of that red, Star! What a neat idea to create a magnet board! I know I always run out of room on my fridge and stove for hanging my recipes.

  2. Neat idea! I can also see that working for an earring display. The chicken wire would work great for hanging the earrings! The red paint is pretty. I bet it looks nice in your kitchen!

  3. what a great idea..I want one..!

  4. I love that red color! good job!


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