Tuesday, June 7, 2011

white vase and mini terrarium

white vase
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I have a bunch of projects going in various stages of completion. Today I have these two to show you. A miniature moss terrarium, the jar is 3½" tall including lid. I was going to make miniature mushrooms to go in it but have something a little more organic in mind now to go with a teeny fairy I will make for it.

The other is this white vase made from an empty tomato sauce can. The instructions I used to make it came from...

This week I will be making flowers to go in it and will show you both mine and where I got the tutorial for them.

Not sure why the pinterest pin link broke. Here is a direct link to it http://pinterest.com/pin/278730664407213414/


  1. Love the terrarium. I have some cool moss growing in a planter outside, now all I need is a cool jar.

    And that can idea is great! It looks really cool.

  2. that looks cool, if only there were more hours....


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