Tuesday, August 23, 2011

work in progress

In this photo I am not quite finished sculpting on this piece.

posted image

It is the prototype for a series of snail sculptures I will be making. Each having its own character and personality. They have been sliming their way around my mind for a few weeks now demanding to be brought to life.
Yes I know how crazy that sounds. =)


  1. Adorable!! Did you name this one already?

  2. Not crazy at all...love it! I love the idea that each will have their own character and personality! Can't wait to see your whole line!

  3. Oh that is SERIOUSLY too cute!!

  4. LOL- I love it! He's already got lots of character! =)

  5. Awesome! Are you sculpting that around a real shell?

  6. Yes I am. First I permanently attach an armature to the shell than I sculpt the snail onto the armature.
    At first I was going to sculpt the shells too but decided against it.


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