Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vlad the Vampire' slug victim

I said that I was going to list these in my etsy shop but they sold before I could =)
A vampire snail with his poor slug victim...

posted image

Today I am working on 2 more snails and their victims as well as a Frankensnail. Hopefully I will have those ready tomorrow. I have been spending less time online lately because my muse has kicked into overdrive. Taking advantage of that while I can because I never know when she will take off on a vacation without me.


  1. Vlad looks wonderful, Star! I'm so glad your muse is being so helpful :D Cannot wait to see more of your snails

  2. That is great, Star!! Gross and brilliant at the same time! :D

  3. My husband came in to see what I was laughing at. I can certainly believe they sold right off your work table; they are adorable. I can see a whole series of Vlad and his adventures. What a personality! Look out collectors, here comes Vlad.

  4. An awesome snail to be sure!! Love it.

  5. Those are great!! You should do an entire sci-fi monster line! I'll take one of each!! :)


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