Saturday, November 19, 2011

Catching up

I cannot show any photos of anything I have worked on in the past few weeks. Some are custom orders that people are going to give as Christmas presents. Some are for secret santa swaps that I am involved in. Needless to say none of those will be shown until after the holidays as to keep the surprises.

I think perhaps I did not get a thick enough cap of sand on top of the dirt in my new aquarium. While I do not have any dirt floating the water column is brownish. So today I washed some more sand and will dig up my plants and fix that.
The rotala that I trimmed is doing wonderfully. Not only have the tops I replanted shown a lot of growth but so have the stems that I cut them off of. The Lindernia rotundifolia did not fair so well. All but 2 have completely melted. Perhaps they need high light? My tank has medium light. I am using a Freshwater T5 Dual with one 6,700K bulb and one Colormax lamp bulb. My anubias nana loves it. I have owned those plants about 8 years and have never seen them grow as fast as they have been in this tank.

Yesterday was my great dane George's birthday. He is 11 yrs old now! Not bad for a pup my vet asked me to take home with me when he was only 2½ weeks old and was not expected to live more than a week past that. Of course I was not told that until he reached 1 year old and my vet was giddily bragging about how I was the right person to take him.

This was taken with one of those disposable cameras, remember those? He was 4 weeks old.

George at 4 weeks

Here he is about 6 yrs old with the 3 legged cat who thinks George is his dog.

Rico and George

This year taking a break in my husbands shed on the way back from a hike in the woods with me and his best friend Reba, a lab/bloodhound mix.

old and wise


  1. Happy birthday George! I hope you were getting spoilt rotten!

  2. George is adorable! It sounds like you have given him a wonderful home over the years with friends and love!!!


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