Sunday, January 8, 2012

Art mediums and techniques

I have spent my entire life learning and trying to master various art and craft mediums. In a recent interview I was asked which ones could I do. I named off a few but did not list even half of them because I knew it would get to be too long. That and my age was starting to show. =)

The truth is one interest leads to another and so on. Every thing learned in one medium can help compliment another. For example: proficiency in drawing and then learning the properties of cutting glass can lead to being able to create your own stained glass patterns. For me those lead to mosaics so I could do something with my scrap glass.

acorn vase
Original mosaic design by ColtPixy 2006

I like learning new things. Just doing the same thing all the time would not only be boring for me but it would also limit my abilities in my chosen medium.


  1. I think exactly the same. Your piece is beautiful! Great design, color and technique.

  2. Beautiful work! Our local art center offers many cool being mosaics. I hope to someday take a class in this craft!

    That cast iron skillet must be so fun to use. Vintage things can be so great. Many items are just not quality made to last these days!

  3. PEEERTTTY!! I agree I find that I want to learn how to do EVERYTHING! An interest in one usually leads to something new! Next on my list is polymer clay and canes and such. Just not sure where to start with it. I tried making a cauldron with Sculpey and I SUCK at it! It fell apart when I tried to take it off the mold :(

  4. I love when you post past mosaic projects.
    It was through mosaics that I first met you...your friendship has always been a great gift.
    I honestly believe that you could do anything that you put your mind to...and do it extremely well.

    Where is the interview?


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