Friday, January 27, 2012

Paisley in polymer

I showed step by step photos of this on plurk as I was making it. Here I will show you the beginning and the end result. This is for the lid of a large keepsake box. My friend Diane of Cymberrain asked me to create one for her in blues, greens and purples. She left the design of it up to me. I have always loved paisley and Diane has made some absolutely beautiful ones! So I know that is what I wanted to make for her.

I started with a very rough sketch of an idea that was in my head.

rough sketch

This is the end result. Originally I was going to do a Sutton slice piece and chopped that up for the Stroppel cane that is part of the design.

paisley wip7

You can click the images to see larger photos on flickr.


  1. That is fantastic!! I love it! You did such a wonderful job!

  2. How beautiful, she is going to LOVE It! Awesome work!!

  3. And it's mine...all MINE! BWAHAHAHHA :D Seriously though, Star I feel so honored that you put such thought and care into this to make it something really special and personal for me. I will treasure it always. (hugs)


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