Sunday, June 24, 2012

Japanese Beetles aka Pretty Green Demons

My yard is full of all sorts of flowers. I plant a few new ones each year and after 13 years the yard is pretty much full of them. Enter the tiny green destroyer....
Japanese Beetles eating Hollyhocks
Japanese Beetles. They start with the blooms. Then they eat the leaves. Left unchecked they will even eat the stalks after decimating everything else. There are those plants and flowers the beetles do not touch like Tiger Lilies.
Tiger Lilies
I tried a homemade trap from an organic website a friend gave me the link to. Easy to make. It did not work. It only attracted moths and butterflies. The things I do not want to kill. The beetles did not go anywhere near it. I used a commercial trap last year and it worked great. Will be going into town tomorrow and get me another one. If you do use the commercial ones just remember to keep it at least 50 yards from your gardens or else you will just attract more of these damn destructive bugs.

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