Monday, July 16, 2012

Cowboy Snail

I'm back! The past few days have been filled with prepping and sculpting. It feels really good to get back to the clay. I have several requests and a trade to get through. Here is the first completed snail, a cowboy with a red hat.
cowboy snail
My husband is doing better every day. He will not be allowed to go back to work until mid-September. It is going to be strange around here when he does. It has been kind of nice being able to spend time together.


  1. Oh, the cowboy snail is adorable...

  2. Yeeeee Ha!!!! Giddy Up. What movie is that with all the dancing(?) cowboys? Is this one called "Mike" by any chance? LOL. Glad you are enjoying time together and so glad he is doing better everyday!!


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