Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anneke the 75th snail

When I started making snails I had no idea there would be so many of them. An entire world has started to spring from one little idea. Anneke is the latest and she is the 75th snail in ColtPixy land. I am thinking that when I get to 100 we might just have to celebrate and have a giveaway.



  1. Amazing, as always! Every new piece that you do continues to impress and inspire me! I cannot wait to see what the next 75 will look like ;)

  2. I am always waiting for the next one to see what amazing things you come up with!!

    Can't wait to order my 5th one!!!

  3. That is awesome...please do have a giveaway when you reach 100!! Love your creations!

  4. So cute!! You are the snail master! ;-)

  5. I am loving your snails! This one is my favorite. So long as that IS tea that the snail is drinking. It is, isn't it? :)


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