Monday, September 10, 2012

Dirt Tank still going

I have not posted an aquarium update since March. If you click the "aquarium" label on the post or in the side column of this blog you will see I originally set up this 29 gallon dirt tank as an experiment in November of last year.

DT update September 2012

DT update March 2012
March 2012

As you can see some of the plants did better than others. I think this is because some needed higher light. My plans are to replace the top of the tank with a glass one so I can add a 2nd T-5 strip light. I know that if I do that I will need to add more plants because I am starting to get algae now. I did order some Amano shrimp for this tank and another one today. They will take care of the algae. I had not added any foreground plants because I intended to put corydoras in this tank but have not had the time to get around to it. I do not have a local fish store, at least not one I will buy from, so I have to either make the time to drive down to Alabama or order some online. I used to raise and breed albino corydoras but I want to try a different cory.


  1. Wow. Some of the plants have grown like crazy. It looks so calming...I could sit and watch fish all day long.


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