Wednesday, October 3, 2012


You have to be careful what you choose to store polymer clay in. Uncured polymer clay can react with certain plastics. I have 12 of these tackle boxes that I have used for about 7 years now with no problems. I have them all sorted by colors and shades of a color. When you buy similar boxes you will find them much more affordable in the sporting goods (fishing) department than you will in a craft section.



  1. yes! Those are awesome! I even use them in my makeup kit as a lipstick palette. I just cut half the lipsticks out of their tubes & keep it in one of these. This way, when I am on location for a wedding or photo shoot, I can custom blend. I love those things!!

  2. Great idea! Much better than putting it in little bags...I'm not very organized and usually find the color I was looking for AFTER I've mixed more...;)


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