Friday, March 15, 2013

Keeping up with blogs

I have several interests, art, crafts, gardening, cooking, home improvement, etc. So I follow a great number of blogs. For years I have used Google Reader to read all of them. One click and I can go to the blog and reply if necessary. If the blog has a google friend connect widget I would click follow on it and that blog would automatically be added to the Reader. If not a blogger blog I could just add the URL to the reader to add it.

Now Google has announced that it is doing away with Google Reader soon so I searched for a good alternative. Thankfully with the help of a friend I found one, Feedly. It pulled all of the blogs from my Google Reader for me and now I don't have to worry about how to keep track of new posts anymore. I just click the tiny green icon on my Firefox browser to see new posts. There are phone apps too. It is different but easy to learn and navigate.
I am no longer sure what the purpose the google friend connect widget is for me anymore.

I do wonder if the next thing Google gets rid of will be blogger. If that happens I already know of alternatives and will simply move my two blogs. At least now this worry is over for me. If, like me, you were searching for an alternative reader there are options out there. I'm glad to have found one before the reader was shut down and I lost all of those blogs I want to keep reading.