Friday, June 28, 2013

Changing the bulb in a Lisa Pavelka uv lamp

Lisa Pavelka's uv lamp is one of my favorite tools and I use it quite often. I bought it on her website a while back and also ordered replacement bulbs. Today I needed to change the bulb for the first time. There are no directions anywhere to do this unless it came with the lamp. But I bought it so long ago it is possible they got thrown away. I wish I had taken step-by-step photos in case anyone needs them. I may do that later if requested.

 photo tool_zpsebf70181.jpg

After trying to pull out the bulb and fearing breaking it, I am a free bleeder and live miles from a hospital so have to be careful of such things, I searched google. Found no directions. Almost went to facebook to ask artist friends but before I did I noticed that the little black feet on the bottom had tiny tabs. I pulled one out of its hole and discovered a screw underneath. Aha! Remove the 4 feet and screws. Next carefully pull off the bottom. There are 4 screws inside to remove. Then it comes apart so that you can safely remove the bulb and insert a new one. It is simple to do but decided to put it here in case anyone else needed the information.

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  1. Thanks Star, I appreciate that since I have one of her lamps as well so will need to change the bulb eventually!


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