Friday, June 21, 2013

miniature rose bush

I am still working on custom snails but decided not to show them until they are shipped. This is because the last 3 I showed have had requested changes made to them. During the day I work on my snails. At night I work on miniatures. This is a work in progress that is not quite completed. I am making this rose bush display to give to my mother in law. Her father was a gardener and he specialized in grafting roses.

miniature rose bush photo miniaturerosebush_zpsd53eeee3.jpg

I decided tonight that I am going to stop using flickr. It is too hard to for me find where anything is there anymore. There is a link to my ipernity photo account at the top of the page under my banner. It looks more like flickr used to look. I started uploading to ipernity last month when one of my customers told me flickr loaded too slow for her and she was trying to look at some of my past works.


Thank you for taking time to reply. I really appreciate it.