Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Crafty Witch and the Princess

There once was a sweet little Princess who needed a fabulous dress to wear at a party. So she visited a crafty witch who was known throughout the land of ColtPixy for her talents in knitting, crochet, sewing and tatting.

Crafty Witch and the Princess

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Work Table Wednesday it is great to be back

After almost 4 months of being sick and then relocating my studio it feels so good to get back to sculpting again! On my work table, not yet cured...

 photo worktableWednesday-6_zps6d03b929.jpg

I am back to doing what I love best, creating. There are lots of ideas on my to-make list, including bashing a dollhouse kit. To "bash" a kit means to alter it in some way. I plan on adding an addition among other things. I have never had a dollhouse even though I have always made miniatures. Needless to say I have never built one before. Along with it I'll be making lots of miniatures but not just for it. Of course lots more snails are on my list too. I have been writing down ideas for months waiting for the day to come when I could play again. I am so happy that it is here now!

Monday, April 15, 2013

New shelves for my studio

I am in the process of moving my studio from a huge room upstairs to a smaller room downstairs. This is happening because I am about to build a dollhouse and there is no way I want to try to move that down the steep stairs in this house. Kept looking for shelves that are not deep to put small supplies like paints and jars of doo-dads. Never could find one that would work for me so I designed my own. My husband volunteered to help without my asking. He has always been supportive of my art. It is a wonderful thing.
Today while he was at work I primed, painted and attached cork tiles and hooks. Now I just need to bring it in the house and install it on the wall. It is 54" long and 4" deep. I love it!

 photo newshelves_zps2c74b034.jpg

 photo newshelves2_zpsca12df51.jpg

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Miniature Snail

If you have seen my ColtPixy Miniatures site you will know how much I love miniature things. This is my smallest snail to date. I made him today.

tiny snail

I am in the process of moving my studio from upstairs to a room downstairs and have a long list of projects I want to start on once it is completed. It feels good to be creating again.