Saturday, July 20, 2013

Holder for sharp tools

I got the idea for this sharp tool holder from a blog post pinned on Pinterest. I thought the original idea was brilliant but I needed mine to be long and narrow so as to take up less space on my work table.
I took the same cardboard and idea but did not use a jar. I glued my cardboard together with a hot glue gun just on the bottom edge. Then I put a ribbon and button on it just to make it pretty. I have a few more things to put in it. For now it has scalpels, xacto knives, needle tools and quilling tools. I love that the blades are no longer resting in the bottom of jars. My version....

 photo toolholder_zps286a8f44.jpg

The original version. You can click it to see the pin and go to the original blog post....
posted image
Joan Tayler Design: The Sharp Jar