Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Work in progress on my table

Almost finished with the armature. The medium used will be wool instead of clay. It will be the only photo seen of this particular project for a few months because it is being made for a gift. That is if I can needle felt it to life nice enough to be that.

work in progress photo


  1. Oh, this looks so neat! I cannot wait to see the finished product! :D

  2. Will you be using different colors of wool in your project? :D

  3. What is the yellow in the cup? All I can see is a bunny! :D

  4. Thank you!
    Yes it will have different colors.
    The bunny is "ewe smooth". A wool wax sold by Sarafina Fiber Arts.

    Her shop on etsy may close soon she is going to open one on her website in about a week. Just in case she does her website is...


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