Wednesday, April 22, 2015

work in progress

I am attempting to make a little poodle doll for one of my nieces. Here is where it is so far. As you can see, there is still quite a way to go with it's coat.

posted image

Monday, April 6, 2015

Needle felt sock monkey

I have been practicing needle felting a lot lately. My end goal is to be able to make beautiful wool snail sculptures. A closer goal is to make a bunch of little sock monkeys to send to my sister's little kids. :) So far all I have accomplished is making what ended up as toys for my dog and cats. Every one made is better than the one before. Today's monkey is a better attempt but it will go to my toy loving black cat, Davin. Hopefully tomorrow's attempt will be even better and go to one of my nieces.

sock monkey photo sock monkey_zpsno9wj0cr.jpg

If you would like to play along, here is the sock monkey video tutorial by Sara Renzulli that I am following for this project.