Thursday, October 15, 2015


I feel like I should apologize for being absent for so much of this year. Not just here on my blog but also across all social media.

2015 has felt like a test. A long string of one bad thing after another happening to test my will, strength and sanity. Immediate family members have passed away. My husband was injured and had to have surgery. Several more things piled on top of all that. It seemed never ending. I admit there were a few times when I wondered if I would make it through. I am hoping that I passed and that the year will end happier than it began.

ColtPixy on etsy will probably not reopen until after the first of the year. I need time to create. We have family visiting from out of state until the beginning of November. After the way this year has gone it is so wonderful to spend time with loved ones just for the sake of being together. I will be back after they have gone and will try my best to be more active online.