Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Adventures in Needle Felting

I need to smooth out the needle marks on this little teddy bear. I just finished making him. Originally he was going to be dark brown but I was afraid that his eyes would not show up on that color. Instead of scrapping it and starting over I decided to cover it with a lighter shade. I like the way that turned out because it makes it look more aged, well loved and played with. As with most of my needle felt projects it was made with a particular recipient in mind. It will be mailed later this week. Here are a couple of photos to show scale. In one he is being held by the Mod Barbie that my mom surprised me with to use as a model for my 1:6 scale projects. In the other he is sitting in a 1:12 scale chair from a House Of Miniature kit that I put together and painted. I know that the little girl this is going to live with has both a dollhouse and Barbies. I hope she likes him and plays with him.

needle felted teddy with Barbie

Needle felted teddy on 1 inch scale chair


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